652 Brigarron (Chesnaught)




Pokemon name meaning:

brigandine: English word for a form of mediaeval armor.

マロン maron = chestnut (Japanese word from French)



A brigandine is a cloth or leather coat with many oblong iron plates riveted to the cloth to provide protection. Similar protective clothing was used in India and China.

In some cases it was made very beautiful and elaborate, so much so that in China, even after the mediaeval armor became obsolete, coats based on brigandine designs were favored by high ranking officers as dress uniform.

Japanese 亀甲 (kikkou) armor was based on the same principle but with hexagonal plates. The name 亀甲 means “tortoise shell”.


About Cure Dolly

Precure! — Dolly volley! A small doll that can sometimes transform into a shining defender.

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