About this site

Welcome to the Japanese Pokemon site. This is simply a database of Japanese Pokemon names with explanations of their meanings. Information is taken mostly from trustworthy Japanese sites. Most of it is not elsewhere available in English, which is the reason for this site.

The rõmaji forms of the Japanese Pokemon names used here are the ones trademarked by Nintendo. They do not always exactly represent the katakana, though they are always close.

How to use this site

Pokemon are added in random order (though we try to keep evolution groups together). The site is to be used via the search box to the right. You can search by katakana Japanese Pokemon name, rõmaji Japanese Pokemon name, English Pokemon name, or national Pokedex number.

If you prefer to browse randomly, go here.

If you have anything to add – or any questions – (or if you spot any errors) please use the comment forms under the individual entries.

Full list of available Pokemon name meanings


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  1. you should create a summary organizing the Pokémon by numerical order

    • You are right, but I was playing Pokemon Y and adding the Pokemon and their families as I came to them. I am afraid I haven’t added to the site recently as I am mostly working on Kawaii Japanese and since I am doing Japanese immersion, that is about as much English as I want to use.


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