656 Keromatsu (Froakie)



Pokemon name meaning:

ケロケロ kerokero – frog sound

泡沫 houmatsu – bubble on the surface of liquid.


Keromatsu is described as a “bubble frog pokemon” so the name contains both elements.



“Kero kero” is the Japanese equivalent of “ribit ribit” and frogs are often referred to as “Kero-kero-san” by children (similar to Wan-wan-chan for a dog, which is equivalent to calling it a woof-woof). Kero is close in sound to the real word for frog, which is カエル kaeru.

Hello Kitty’s frog friend is called Kerokerokeroppia familiar example of the use of kero-names for frogs in Japanese popular culture (the ppi is a cute pseudo-honorific nickname ending).


About Cure Dolly

Precure! — Dolly volley! A small doll that can sometimes transform into a shining defender.

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