658 Gekkouga (Greninja)



Pokemon name meaning:

ゲコゲコ gekogeko – alternative frog sound

月光 gekkou – moonlight

甲賀流 kouga-ryuu – The school of Kouga: an ancient school of ninjutsu.


The relevance of moonlight here is the ninja’s tendency to operate at night and the fact that the Pokemon has now added the dark type to its water type.

Members of the Kouga school of shinobi (ninjutsu) were trained in disguise, escape, concealment, explosives, medicines and poison. They were experts in techniques of unarmed combat (taijutsu) and in the use of various weapons.

The last officially known Soke of Kouga-ryuu was 14th headmaster Fujita Seiko (1898-1966). He taught prior to World War II, and earned such a reputation that he was inducted into teaching for the government during the war. He continued to teach privately after the war, and had many students who are still alive today.

Gekogeko is less familiar than the well-known kerokero as a frog-sound. Could there also be a side-reference to the similarly splay-fingered, huge-eyed gecko?


About Cure Dolly

Precure! — Dolly volley! A small doll that can sometimes transform into a shining defender.

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  1. It’s based from the tree frog and bubble was a idea which I thought complemented this aqua blue tree frog

    • そうなんですか。きよしさんはあのポケモンの親さんですか?すごい!栄誉です。

      • えっ¬u < ?潔ーし

      • ちょっと誤解があったと思います。きよしさんの最初のメッセージから、きよしさんはゲッコウガのデザイナーなのだと思い込んでしまいました。それは大変栄誉だと思っていました。ドリーの頭が弱いですね(*゚ー゚)ゞただの人形てすから。

  2. HaHa I did really created this pokemon evolutions but the designer split up my idea of my Pokemon starter into the 3 forms but since after I been actually been a idea maker for pokemon games and show! My friends and family
    Wonder why I love helping the pokemon co and game freak but it all started when: (Prologue)
    I enter this Pokemon in a pokemon contest, back when pokemon gold and silver was out for the GB C.

    • You really are the creator then! すごいすごい!Was the name your idea too? Keromatsu is just super-cute! I really am honored that you were so kind as to comment on my silly little blog post!



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