301 Enekororo (Delcatty)



Pokemon name meaning:

猫 neko – cat

家猫 ieneko – domesticated cat

狗尾草 enkorogusa – green foxtail (grass)

kokoro – heart

コロコロ korokoro – small round thing rolling


Korokoro is what is termed an onomatopoeic word, however, Japanese “onomatopoeia” does not necessarily mean a representation of the sound of a thing: it is a sound-word that represents either the sound or (probably more often) the feeling of a thing. Korokoro would imply a small, rolling thing – which seems more appropriate to the skittish Eneko than to Enekororo, whose official species is おすましポケモン osumashi pokemon – “prim pokemon”.

Korokoro can also be used to describe something or someone changeable or fickle, which might be more appropriate to this fastidious pokemon.

For enkorogusa, see the note on Eneko. Note that Enekororo’s tail is still a little foxtail-grass-shaped and that the grass’s fibers are now represented on Enekorokoro’s collar-fur.

For an example of the widespread use of korokoro see the famous children’s song below:  Donguri korokoro (Acorn rolling, rolling) about an acorn that rolled down a mountain.

Those of you who know enough Japanese to be upset by the rather sad ending will be pleased to know that there is a third verse:

どんぐりころころ ないてたら
なかよしこりすが とんできて
おちばにくるんで おんぶして
いそいでおやまに つれてった

Ahem. Back to Pokemon…


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