511 Yanappu (Pansage)



Pokemon name meaning:

野菜 yasai – vegetable

yanagi – willow tree

Ape – English word


“Ape” transliterated into katakana of course ends in “pu”. The small ッ(which becomes the English double p) is a slight mystery, possibly added for reasons of euphony. ヤナッキー (Yanakkie) also has a small ッ before the last syllable.

This is less problematic in Japanese, since in English a doubled p automatically gives the preceding vowel a short pronunciation (app rather than ape). This is not the case in Japanese. In katakana “ape” would transliterate to エープ ēpu, so it is really only the プ pu that belongs to “ape”. However ップ does not imply a short preceding vowel-sound to the Japanese ear the way ppu does to an English ear.


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